Envy On The Coast

Long Island, NY

Written By Luke DiCola

Envy On The Coast; a name synonymous with the Long Island music scene, and a band that’s put everything they have into their music, which they pushed even further this past November for a sold-out show at the Paramount Theatre in Huntington, New York. It's only fitting that the final session of our first season is with the band that in many ways started it all for me.

In high school, I was a pretty simple man. I liked music, I liked sports, I liked hangin' with friends. One April night in 2007, I remember that all I wanted to do was drink a few beers and see some live music, both of which were generally hard to come by in our hometown on Long Island at that point. What I didn't know was that the show we'd be seeing would be a transformative experience for me, opening me up to a new level of love for music.

Our local temple held shows with local rock bands, so me and my friends fired up a pretty solid pregame and walked over to the DIY venue to see this Envy On The Coast band that I’d heard a bit about. Looking back, things were definitely foggy, but I can still feel the energy in the room that night. I can even remember being so hyped up that I ripped off my first career crowd surf to "Tell Them That She's Not Scared" from their soon to be released 2007 album Lucy Gray. When the alcohol wore off the next day, I sprung right into action and didn't look back.

I became a big fan of the band, listening to their albums front to back on repeat, learning their songs on guitar, and watching interviews and tour videos on their YouTube channel. They were a high-octane rock band that wrote complex songs with a lot of moving parts, but then were able to flip the script and write emotional, vulnerable songs that stuck with me. Their versatility has been impressive from their first release all the way up to their most recent work.

A couple years after discovering the band, my high school band earned a spot on a bill at one of the temple shows. I was proud to have booked the show because of the fact that EOTC had played there. All of this is to say that this is a band that helped shape my love for music, influenced me in my own writings, and years later in an indirect way contributed to the formation of Music Attic, which was created to bring fans closer to artists. So when Ryan and Brian agreed to do a session for the series, in a way it felt like things had come full circle.

Months after their 2010 album Lowcountry was released, the band devastated their fans by announcing their break up and final slate of shows. EOTC was then inactive for a period of 5-plus years, but in 2016 Ryan and Brian reunited under the Envy On The Coast name and pulled in a few talented musician friends to complete the lineup. They played shows sporadically and in 2017 put out an EP titled Ritual, which ranged from familiar grooves and stylings to more experimental type sounds for Envy. Soon after, they had an idea to perform both of their full lengths in succession on a November night in 2018. This show became another incredibly memorable experience for fans and a milestone for the band as they nailed the performance with endless energy that they’re known for bringing to their live shows.

In our interview, Ryan and Brian talk about what gave them the idea for the show, along with some of the differences in their two albums. They also cover what their fans mean to them and why the legacy of the band is important to them. It’s obvious how much the band means to them in the way they carefully choose their words, speaking with humility and warmth. Even more, It’s amazing to see how Envy has reignited the special friendship that Ryan and Brian share, which they express by constantly ragging on each other in hillarious ways.

What the future holds for Envy On The Coast, we’re not sure. No matter what transpires, it’s safe to say that the band has had an unbelievable run, stayed true to themselves throughout, and gave their cult-like fanbase an era of memories that will last a lifetime.


Ryan Hunter - Vocals/Guitar

Brian Byrne - Guitar/Vocals

Matt Fazzi - Keys/Guitar/Vocals

Gray Robertson - Bass

Billy Rymer - Drums


Luke DiCola - Camera Operator/Editor

Andrew Malary - Camera Operator


Ryan O'John - (EOTC Sound Mixer)

Andrew Palmer - (EOTC Live Audio Engineer)

Nick Felicione (Best Boy Associate)

Justin Suss (Best Boy Associate #2)

Rita Kutner (Best Girl Associate)

Lindsey DiCola (Consultant)

Matty Magnin (Consultant)