Kira Metcalf

Brooklyn, NY

Earlier this year, as Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kira Metcalf meticulously tracked her second album, we had a chance to get a behind the scenes look into her process. In our interview, Kira paints an intimate portrait of her songwriting process and her collaboration with her co-producer and fellow Music Attic alum Zach TK Zanghi, as well as some difficult events in her life that have better prepared her to navigate uncomfortable times.

With her upcoming release “Indelicate,” Kira shows profound maturity in her songwriting and continues to project a fierceness that’s hard not to admire. The album pairs jazz-inspired vocals with cutting lyrics and the grit of a grunge-rock band from the 90’s. There’s no denying that Kira’s hauntingly beautiful sound is unique to her.

The first single from the album, Lily, is ushered in with Kira’s signature fingerpicking and layered harmony lines.  The song builds to an open landscape led by rolling strings and sweet sounds that you can almost see. The track “Limits,” comes to a close with a vocal round that’s a result of some crafty and intricate harmony writing, a thread that naturally ties “Indelicate” together.

Kira has assembled a band that features her childhood friends Tim Hutcheson on lead guitar, Dan Sadowski on drums, and Gabriel Herter on bass, with Kimberly Berg bringing Kira’s harmonies to life.