Sam Lachow

Seattle, WA

Sam Lachow is a Seattle-born rapper, songwriter, and producer whose latest EP, Motels & Minivans, was recorded entirely in motel rooms while on a 2017 59-city tour. The 5-song EP is a collection of upbeat tracks that keep it loose, a stark contrast to Lachow’s previous EP. Play Pretend, released in 2017, was an emotional and often dark exploration of the rapper’s struggle with addiction, which Lachow successfully recovered from recently.

No matter the subject of his songs, Sam always keeps it real. His lyrics talk about life as he experiences it—no flash, no hype, just a vulnerability that allows him to relate to his fans on a deep level. His authentic performances have been drawing big crowds; he was the first Seattle local to ever sell out the 1,000-seat Neptune Theatre, and he recently rocked the house at Washington’s largest music festival, Sasquatch.

Lachow’s circles run deep, from his crew that he rides around town with, to the homies who lay down sweet riffs all over his tracks. Lachow always thinks about the production of a beat before lyrics, and constantly implements live instruments throughout his tracks, creating unique tracks that bounce around from genre to genre. Sam’s hustle, passion and talent can’t be denied, and his growth and incredible fanbase is a testament to that. Check out some of his music videos that he directs or catch him in a city near you on a future tour.