Long Island, NY

Ryan Camenzuli better known as Zuli, is an alt rock artist from Long Island making serious waves in the music industry. Zuli recently debuted his first full length album, On Human Freakout Mountain. The collection of coming-of-age indie tunes has earned him a shout out in Rolling Stone as one of 10 new artists we should all be listening to. His upbeat rhythms and catchy lyrics are being compared to the likes of The Beach Boys, Rooney and Weezer. Not too shabby.

When you’re done jamming to the album, it’s worth a trip to go see Zuli perform live. At a recent show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC’s Lower East Side, the stage was so small the drums were practically in the hallway. Zuli and the Zuli Boys (as the members of the band are affectionately called) still rocked the joint with high-energy performances, incredibly tight three-part harmonies, and crafty riffing.

Next up for the Zuli Boys: touring the US and likely a lot more love from the music community.