Long Island, NY


  1. Scooby
  2. Sway
  3. Barely
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Music group Hoax was born in an unlikely spot: Accounting 102 at Hofstra University. Future bandmates Mike and Frantz took the class together and bonded over a passion for music and a similar fashion sense. They began having jam sessions with a few other friends of Frantz’s, eventually forming the band they are today, and completely abandoning any notion of becoming accountants.

Mike describes Hoax’s sound as “indie alternative rock” but acknowledges it’s really a mix of a lot of different genres, including R&B, hip hop, pop, and soul. Most listeners agree—the music blog Ones To Watch calls the group “a genre-explorative blend of Young the Giant and Kings of Leon.” They draw inspiration from The Beatles and Notorious B.IG, The Strokes and Frank Ocean.

They’ve also got a pretty unique approach to songwriting. Rather than writing and editing lyrics over and over, they rarely ever write anything down ‘till they’re sure it’s perfect for the song. #Savage

The subjects Hoax sings about are often just as ambitious as their experimentation with genres. Their vibe is hopeful, but they don’t shy away from difficult topics, like racism in America and the afterlife. This might keep them from mainstream popularity, and they’re okay with that. They’d rather have a smaller, super-loyal fanbase than please everybody. And that’s why we like them so much! Stay tuned for their debut album, which is currently in production.

Mike Raj - Vox/Guitar

Paul Brower - Guitar/Vox

Kevin Lopez - Guitar/Keys

Frantz Cesar - Bass

Jacob Lopez - Drums 

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