It Came From Space

Long Island, NY


1. Satellite

2. Light Years Less Traveled

3. Soma

4. Something's Stealing The Livestock

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It Came From Space is a post-math rock band from Long Island, New York (home to an eccentric culture similar to that which you’d find on another planet) bringing their progressive sound to the rest of the planet with the release of their 2017 EP “Kaleidoscope.”

The most futuristic thing about them isn’t their name, though—it’s the fact that they’re a purely instrumental group. Luckily, their music crafted with such a meticulous touch that we don’t even miss the vocals. Their unique sound is highlighted by lightning fast drumming, melodic and punchy bass lines, and slick guitar riffs that bounce off each other like gravity ain’t no thang. Every song by this crew is filled with uptempo jams and catchy melodies that bring out the air-musician in all of us.

The group is inspired by a lot of different genres, from punk to jazz, but there’s always a little science-fiction vibe woven throughout. And while some of their biggest musical influences hail from Japan (math rock groups like Lite, Toe, Mouse on the Keys, and Tricot), at the end of the day, they’re Long Island rockers and proud of it. The ICFS boys are veterans of the LI music collective CON TEMPLATE, which was co-founded by Music Attic artist TK The Architect.

The band took a break from recording new material to visit Music Attic, indulge us with a few of their favorite tunes, and give us a sneak peak of what they’re coming up with next. If their new stuff is anything like what we’ve heard so far, expect a lot more UFO activity around ICFS’s shows.

Zach Kirsimae - Bass

John Tocabens - Guitar

Kevin Murray - Guitar

Daniel Sadowski - Drums

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