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Long Island, NY


1. Zapoi

2. Gone, Gone, Gone

3. Labs

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In 2018, Neverthere hit the indie rock scene with their debut EP, "EP 1". The five track EP is full of catchy hooks and lyrics, and has a Long Island rock feel to it, while maintaining a unique character. The boys played three of their songs from the session, and Rob was rocking so hard on the guitar, he actually broke two strings over the course of the session. It's a good things we keep our string pantry stocked up here in the #MusicAttic.

The session kicks off with their song "Zapoi" (a Russian word meaning multiple days of drunkeness ending in waking in an unexpected place), which tells a tale of a drinking binge gone awry. Singer Rob Ragosta wails out the verse lyrics while bobbing his head at the mic, reminiscent of Dave Grohl's presence on stage. Drummer Ryan Linzer shines on this one, with some rapid pattering on the high hat throughout.

"Gone, Gone, Gone", the folky-upbeat tune from the session, has a catchy singalong hook, rounded out by the grim lyrics that Ragosta manages to bring charm to, "You'll need something to relate to, something to rely on, cause pretty soon we'll all be gone". Andrew Scalfani shines on this one with a varied background vocal during the verse and solid mandolin playing throughout.

Neverthere is never short of catchy tracks and we're excited to see what the future holds for the boys. Give the session a watch and make sure to follow them on social to see what they have in store.


Rob Ragosta - Vocals/Guitar

Andrew Scalfani - Keyboard/Mandolin/Vocals

Ryan Linzer - Drums

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