BLCK Cadallac

New York, NY

BLCK Cadallac is a hip-hop trio comprised of Grayson “Gray Matter” Sanford, Dave “Franswa” Franswa and Jarrett “Soul Brother #1” Harris, who all grew up in different cities along the east coast, but came together in the Big Apple in 2015 to form their group.

During the podcast, the Caddy boys reminisce about the first music-sharing sites (shout-out Bearshare and Pirate Bay!) and first jobs and then take a stab at a blind taste test in the first edition of "Know Your Apple Juice". Their playlist didn't disappoint, as "Caddy Cruise Radio" is full of modern day hip-hop gems from top to bottom.

We also get into the group’s early music influences (Al Green, The Who, Jarrett’s grandma) and find out how the name BLCK Cadallac came into being. But perhaps the coolest thing about these musicians is that they’re great friends who bond over a love of music and having a good time.

Finally, we get to listen to some of their latest work, including an awesome live performance of “What They Want.” BLCK Cadallac’s passion for hip-hop music is palpable—their songs are fun, feel-good tunes that you won’t want to turn off. Stay tuned for more from the @59blck crew.

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