Francis Aud

New York, NY

When Francis Aud came through to the Music Attic studio for a session, he didn’t just bring his guitar, he brought a fresh tub of Nesquik, a vat of good vibes, and some top shelf jokes as well.

Francis is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY, and he’s really hit the ground running since the release of his debut EP Tender Things in 2017. Playing shows non-stop with his fine-tuned band and releasing his recent single "Friends Like Us", it's clear that Francis has something special brewing.

On Tender Things, Aud shows maturity well beyond a debut release. The opening track “Share This Bed” ramps up from an acoustic intro with delicate vocals into a fat-grooved swell, while still maintaining a sweet feel for dynamics throughout. The next track “Yeah” is the ultimate singalong song. The chorus is made for a crowd to shout out in unison at a sporting event and the beat is built for a dance floor full of people who know good music when they hear it. Francis shared with us a stripped down version in the studio, which still had the pizzazz that you come to expect from the soulman...Jackie Wilson would be proud of Francis for this one.

His single “Friends Like Us”, which stemmed from an experience wanting to be more than just friends with a lady friend, is a shoe-in on the “roll the windows down” playlist. This summer single features a dazzling sax solo and a beat with latin influence that we’re convinced will make you stop everything and dance for at least 3 or so minutes. It’s a treat hearing the new track in the intimate studio setting.

The conversation portion of the podcast features brand mascots, talk of Francis’s unique songwriting exercises, and Francis’ spot on cricket impression. We also drink some Nesquik and talk through Francis’s custom curated playlist that gets extra stanky. It was a fun one, with a few sniffles, but a lot of laughs.

Francis is always spreading his humor, good vibes, and soulful tunes across social media and at his shows, so be sure to follow him in his journeys.

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