New York, NY

This week on Vibe Out, we’re kicking off our maiden podcast with a champagne toast and a lively chat with GeS, AKA Greg Somerville. GeS is a talented music producer, songwriter, and DJ from New York who recently released his first album, Travel Far. The product of 4 months of heads-down studio time in Valencia, Spain, Travel Far  features 17 different artists across 9 tracks.

GeS’s unique sound ranges from soulful and ethereal with the song “Remember,” to decidedly modern and eclectic with “Sea of Dreams.” He also dabbles in abstract styles that showcase his dedication to pushing music past traditional boundaries and his ability to create an almost spiritual connection between music and listener.

In the podcast, GeS discusses the inspiration behind the album, how he got his music career off the ground, and the ingredients of his favorite cocktail, Riot Juice (not to be ingested in public).

GeS’s plans for the future include booking a gig on every continent and someday raising a family. His pro ultimate frisbee days are over, though. RIP.

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