Gianna Alessi

New York, NY

New York City-based Singer-songwriter Gianna Alessi has a dynamic presence when she gets on a microphone. She compliments her outstanding style and personality with soulful vocals and songwriting that's loaded with vintage flare. Gianna's parents met while touring with an orchestra in Montreal, so music wasn't much of a choice for Gianna growing up. She even featured her father Joseph on trombone on her debut EP Round Trip.

Picking up a couple years after her EP, Gianna is in the midst of attacking her next project. Gianna’s exclusive performance in our studio features Pat Cochrane and John Hunter on bass and keys/guitar respectively, while Gianna shines on vocals on her new songs.

Vibe Out with us as we cake off a bottle of rosé over wonderful conversation regarding our favorite Italian cuisine, chicks who rule and how important it is for Gianna to continue to make music. Stay tuned for Gianna’s full length and more of that infectious charm that she carries with her!

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