Long Island, NY

On episode 2 of Vibe Out, we’re pumped to host nikmoody, a Long Island based rapper and longtime friend and collaborator of host Luke DiCola.

Since his 2017 release of the EP House of Mirrors, nikmoody has hit the ground running, producing several music videos, giving every ounce of passion in his soul at his countless live shows and even hitting the scene for a couple performances at South By Southwest this year. Growing up writing short stories and later majoring in literature at SUNY New Paltz, moody shows off his range and experience in storytelling through his verses. He hits on many different styles, counterbalancing the more intense, bleak themes of his latest single Big Brother with the poignant, subdued stylings of If Only. moody even finds time to goof on the many quirks of his sometimes over the top Italian family in the track Oh Madone.

In listening to moody's songs, watching his music videos and seeing a live show of his, it's easy to see that he's a true artist and an astute visionary. In this podcast, he discusses everything from his musical inspirations, to his favorite sports quote to some of the music that impacted him throughout different times of his life. The stage is getting bigger and bigger for nikmoody, so stay tuned for what's to come and remember to #StayMoody.

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